Motorcycle Insurance FAQ

Answers to some of your general Motorcycle insurance questions.

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Motorcycle Insurance FAQ

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Is my optional equipment covered?

You’ll want to know if your custom seat, paint job, or special chroming are covered if they aren’t included as standard by the manufacturer. A good policy will give you a set amount of coverage included with your comprehensive coverage, with the ability to purchase more.


Do I have coverage for my safety apparel?

Helmets, leathers, gloves, and any other clothing designed to minimize injury are considered safety apparel. Be sure to discuss what this coverage includes with your agent. Typically damage to safety apparel is covered, but theft is not. Check with your agent.


Is there some type of first accident waiver available?

Insurance companies support safe driving and will sometimes offer a first accident waiver to loyal customers with a good driving history. If you are insured by a company for a certain amount of time and have no other at-fault accidents within a designated time frame, then some insurance companies will wave your first at-fault accident.


What kind of higher limits are available for Liability coverage?

Liability coverage is important in case you are found responsible for someone else’s injury while driving your motorcycle. Having the option for higher limits is a plus, considering attorney fees and other costs associated with litigation can increase quickly. Based on their financial situation, many people try to match their motorcycle liability limits to the liability limits they have on their automobile.


What discounts are available?

Discounts will help you save money on the premium you pay for your policy. You may qualify for a multi-policy discount if you insure more than just your bike with the same company. Specifically for motorcycles, you may be able to get discounts for taking safety courses, having an airbag or anti-lock brakes, or for being a preferred operator.


What payment plans are available?

Whether you want to pay in full or in installments, the flexibility to choose is a good option to have. Talk to your agent. Insurance companies offer many different plans such as one-pay, four-pay, or ten-pay options.


Does Farmers offer Roadside Assistance?

Especially in today’s society with cell phones, towing and roadside assistance is a great coverage to consider for your motorcycle. For a small cost, you can obtain coverage in case you get stranded while touring the countryside so you won’t be forced to leave your bike on the side of the road unattended while you go find help.

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