Workers' Compensation Insurance

Customized coverage to assist your employees if an injury or illness occurs on the job.

Workers compensation insurance for business

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Your Business

When accidents and injuries occur on the job, it's important that the medical needs of your employees are quickly addressed, to help them with coverage and get them back to work as soon as possible. Farmers® can help provide insurance options for your business. Talk with a Farmers agent to discuss a tailored solution, including workers' compensation insurance.

Designed to help reduce costs, injuries, and losses

Farmers also looks for ways to help reduce rising workers' compensation costs with a cost containment program for business. We offer compliance assistance, safety education and loss prevention services, medical management and other customized services to help control your workers' compensation premiums, including:

  • Information and materials to help reduce the cost and complexity of compliance with state workers' compensation laws, both before and after injuries occur.
  • Safety education and loss prevention services to help you and your employees recognize hazards, adopt safe work practices and prevent workplace injuries.
  • A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network of clinics, physicians and hospitals providing treatment as well as helping to manage costs.
  • Review of treatment plans – including recommendations for hospitalization and related bills – for accuracy and potential fraud.
  • Return-to-work programs that offer assistance with employees getting back on the job as soon as medically appropriate.


Easy and efficient claims process

Farmers Claim Services offers 24-hour online and toll free claim reporting for prompt and effective response to injuries.

When Farmers receives a workers' compensation claim, an experienced representative strives for same-day contact with those involved—the employee, employer, medical provider and your Farmers agent. This goal is to help begin benefits as soon as possible and to recognize and investigate questionable claims early in the process.

Farmers RealTime Billing linking your policy and payroll

Once you have workers' compensation coverage, let our Farmers RealTime Billing service help make the payment process simpler and more cost-effective for your business. Our pay-as-you-go solution links your payroll directly to your workers' compensation policy premiums, taking the guess-work out of estimating annual payrolls. Premiums are billed based on actual payroll, which may help improve your business cash flow and reduce your exposure to large audit balances due at the end of the policy term.

Take advantage of the benefits of Farmers RealTime Billing:

  • Bill premiums based on your payroll
  • Helps minimize final premium audit adjustments
  • Can help improve your business cash flow
  • Avoid installment fees and monthly checks

Lean more about how Farmers RealTime Billing can serve the unique needs of your business, contact a Farmers agent today.

Already a Farmers RealTime Billing customer? Contact us for support.

Work with agents who understand your risks

Don't go at it alone, risk legal non-compliance or get caught in a lawsuit. Not only do Farmers agents have experience working with businesses like yours, we're business owners, too. Farmers workers' compensation insurance is designed to deliver benefits for work-related injuries and illnesses quickly, and efficiently at a fair cost for your business.

To learn more about how Farmers workers' compensation insurance can benefit your unique business, contact your local Farmers agent and get a quote today.

Farmers RealTime Billing℠

Streamline your workers' compensation payment process and make payments based on your actual payroll.

With Farmers RealTime Billing, payroll data links directly to your policy, making the process easier for you.