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You could save an average of $440 by switching your Auto insurance to Farmers – Get a quote or talk to an agent to find out how much you could save.(See Disclosure)

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What’s in your garage? You might be practical when you choose cars — a versatile hatchback or minivan is just the thing.  Perhaps you prefer the rugged image of an SUV, or like to reward yourself with a convertible or luxury sedan. Maybe you're a car collector and also have a classic muscle car or vintage sports car for weekend cruising.

Whatever you drive, you know you need insurance for your car and assets. And Farmers has coverage options that enable you to get the auto insurance policy you want.

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Here are some of the risks a driver may face: 

You cause an accident

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You cause a minor collision when glare from the setting sun blinds you in rush hour traffic. Damage is relatively minimal, but the other driver says her neck is in pain.


Liability insurance coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage to another that results from covered losses you cause.

You accidentally damage your own car

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You’re on your way to a ski weekend when you lose traction on an icy road — the impact when you slide into a guardrail damages your SUV’s front fender.


Collision coverage can help repair your vehicle if it’s damaged — or compensate you for its value if it’s a total loss.

A hailstorm dents your car

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A sudden hailstorm cracks your car’s windshield and leaves dozens of dents on the hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle.


Comprehensive coverage can help when your car is damaged by something other than a collision.

An uninsured driver hits you

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You suffer minor injuries when another driver runs a red light and clips your car’s rear fender. On top of it all, the driver doesn’t have auto insurance.


Uninsured motorist coverage covers the costs of your bodily injuries — up to your policy limit – when they are caused by an at-fault driver without any auto insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage picks up the costs of your injuries when an at-fault driver has some insurance, but not enough to cover all of your damages.

Your son is injured in a single-car wreck

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Your son and a passenger are both injured when his subcompact hits a tree.


Medical payments coverage can help with medical expenses if they’re caused by a covered accident — regardless of fault.

You can’t work during physical therapy

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You miss several days of work while receiving physical therapy for injuries sustained in a car accident.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP), where available, can help with medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as lost wages.

Other insurance options to consider

Find out if you can get more value and convenience from Farmers when you purchase multiple policies. Be sure to ask your Farmers® agent for a quote that includes insurance coverage for risks like these — you might even qualify for multiline discounts.

There’s a fire in your kitchen

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You stop a small kitchen fire before it spreads to the rest of the house — but there’s damage in your kitchen and a side room.

Coverage: Homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage to your home caused by a fire.

Your auto limit isn’t high enough

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You cause an auto accident, and your auto policy’s liability limits aren’t high enough to cover the damages suffered by the injured parties.


A Farmers personal umbrella policy provides an additional layer of liability limits to protect your assets when a covered loss exceeds the liability limits of your underlying home or auto policy.

Your retail store is hit by a storm

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Your retail store is battered by a major storm — so severely that it will need a new roof.


Business property insurance can help provide coverage when a covered loss damages structures you own.

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You could save an average of $440 by switching your Auto insurance to Farmers – Get a quote or talk to an agent to find out how much you could save.*

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What Should I Do With a Flat Tire?

The first thing to do when you have a flat tire: get yourself to a safe area. If you’re driving when you get a flat tire, don’t jam on the brakes. Slow down to 15-20 mph and pull off the road to a safe spot as soon as you can.

What Steps I Should Take If I’m In An Accident?

If it is safe to do so, and you are not seriously injured, move your vehicle out of additional harm’s way such as over to the shoulder of the road. Check on your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers to determine if any medical attention is needed.

How Do I File a Car Insurance Claim?

If you find you’re involved in a fender bender, there are definitely a few things you can do to help make the claims process easier on yourself. As challenging as it may be after such an unsettling event, there are many things to pay attention to at the scene of the accident. 

What Impacts the Price of My Auto Insurance?

What you pay for auto insurance depends on several factors, including your driving record and where you garage your car. Obviously, your driving record matters a great deal.

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*Based on average nationwide annual savings of new customers surveyed, excluding HI, SC & Farmers GroupSelect, from 7/1/22 to 7/1/23 who switched their Auto insurance policy to a Farmers® branded policy, responded to the survey, and realized savings. Potential savings vary by customer and may vary by state and product.