Billing & Payments FAQ

Where can I pay my bill?
Farmers offers a number of convenient ways to pay your bill:

  • Pay your bill online: It's easy to make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments from your account for your personal auto, home or umbrella policies.
  • Pay your bill by phone: You can call your Farmers agent during normal business hours, or our self-service line at 1-888-327-6335.
  • Pay your bill by mail: Please be sure to write your account number on your personal check or money order. You can mail payments to P.O. Box 0991, Carol Stream, IL 60132-0991, or to your agent's office.
  • Pay your bill at a Farmers agency: Any Farmers agency can accept your payment. Please be sure to have your account number or payment stub available.

What type of payments can I make online?
You can make online payments with your bank account or credit/debit card for personal auto, home and umbrella policies, and for commercial policies. If you have your policy number and zip code, you can get started here.

What payment methods can I use?
You can make payments from a checking or savings account, or with Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® credit or debit cards.

How do I make an online payment?
To make an online payment without logging in to a account, you can click here.

To make an online payment while logged in to your account, click Pay Bill for the desired account. Modify Payment Amount and Payment Date if you wish. Then select or add the Payment Method you want to use and click Continue. If you need to modify any payment information, click Cancel to go back to the previous step. When everything looks correct, click the Payment Authorization checkbox and click Submit Payment.

You will receive an immediate confirmation message for each payment you submit. Shortly after making your payment, you'll also receive an email confirmation.

When entering my payment method, where can I find my bank's routing transit number and my checking account number?
Look at the bottom of your check. Most banks print a nine-digit routing transit number on the left and your checking account number on the right. Please contact your bank with any questions about your routing or account numbers.

How do I view my payment history?
To view your payment history, log in to your account, click Payments and select View Payment History from the menu.

After I authorize a payment, when is it processed?
Processing begins on your payment date. Funds are typically withdrawn from a bank account within one to three business days. Charges to your credit card are usually completed on your payment date.

How do I cancel a scheduled payment?
Log in to your account, click Payments and select View Payment History from the menu.

On the Payment History page, select the billing account for the scheduled payment you wish to cancel and click Cancel This Payment. Click Yes in the popup to complete the cancellation. Your payment status will now show Cancelled.

You may only cancel a payment while it's still in Scheduled status — generally up to one business day prior to the payment date.

Please note when cancelling a scheduled payment that an alternate payment may be needed to keep the account current.

What is a payment method?
A payment method is a bank account or credit/debit card you can use to make a payment online. A payment method can be stored on your account for the next time you want to pay online.

How do I set up a payment method?
You can set up a payment method in your account by clicking on Add Payment Method when you select Make a Payment, Set Up Automatic Payments or Manage Payment Methods from the Payments link.

Choose Add Payment Card or Add Bank Account, enter required account information, accept terms and conditions, and click Save. You will now see your payment method listed on the page.