Business Insurance Claims

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Business Insurance Claims

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Our Business Insurance Claim Process

Our process begins as soon as you call Claim Services at 1-800-435-7764.  Whether it’s a simple mishap or a complex claim involving injuries, we follow the same five-step process to handle your claim.


Claim Assignment

Your claim may call for one Claim Representative or a team of specialists, all with experience in a particular aspect of your claim. We may also involve Farmers® counsel to help protect your interests.


Initial Contact

Your Claim Representative will contact you promptly after receiving your claim.


Investigation, Estimate and Evaluation

Your Claim Representative will review your policy and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the proper handling of your claim.



Farmers® will work to resolve your claim. If a liability claim has been made against you, we’ll evaluate your legal liability and work to resolve the matter to best help protect your business. If needed, will retain a qualified attorney to defend your interests.


Close the Claim

Once we’ve resolved your claim under the terms of your policy, we close the claim. If you discover additional expenses, we will re-open your claim to investigate.


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