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Did you know you could bundle your home and auto policies with Farmers and could save an average of 20%

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Farmers®offers a variety of discounts. Check below to see an extensive list of the type of discounts we offer for many of our home and auto customers. Discounts and their availability will vary based on the kind of insurance policy you hold and what state you’re in.

Auto Insurance Discounts


Farmers auto policy plus at least one other qualifying Farmers policy such as Home, Life, Umbrella, Small Business, Specialty



Earn an initial discount when you start. And you could qualify for an additional discount when your policy renews, based on your safe driving habits. Riskier driving behavior could raise your premium at renewal.


  • Member, employee or retiree of certain businesses, occupational groups or professional associations
  • Military – customers who are active duty, active reserves, retired, and honorably discharged military veterans


  • Insured enrolls in ePolicy and accepts the Go Paperless terms and conditions

Good Payer (not available in CA)

  • Customer has no Billing Late Fees assessed within the previous 12 months prior to the renewal processing date with Farmers®. This discount applies at new business and is re‐evaluated at renewal.

Safe Driver

  • Applies to any rated driver who has zero BI Points.

Distant Student

  • Child on policy goes to school at least 100 miles away and doesn’t have regular access to covered cars

Youthful Driver

  • Driver in household under 25 who is a child or grandchild of the PNI on an FSPA policy that has been in force for at least 12 months

Good Student

  • 3.0 or better GPA, Dean’s List, Honor Roll, top 20% of class, or top 20% on standardized testing

Shared Family Car (not available in CA)

  • Applied to all vehicles on the policy when there is a single driver up to age 20 in the household and there are more active drivers than vehicles in the household. Vehicles defined as Storage use are excluded from the vehicle count in the application of this discount.

On Your Own

  • PNI must be split from their existing household into a new household, a driver under the age of 29 and an active driver on a Farmers Insurance Group® policy in their prior household for at least 12 months

Mature Driver / Defensive Driver / Senior Driver (name of discount varies by state, not all states have this discount)

  • Over 55 and completed state-approved safe driver training in last 3 years


  • Policyholder owns residence, regardless of who insures it

Alternative Fuel (CA only)

  • Vehicles powered by anything other than gasoline only: hybrid, electric, natural gas, propane, etc.


  • Monthly automatic payments set up on Farmers.com

Pay In Full

  • Pay premium in full at start of policy term using any method

Antilock Brakes (not offered in all states)

  • Must be factory installed, not aftermarket

Anti-Theft  (not offered in all states)

  • Alarms and protective devices

Daytime Running Lights   (not offered in all states)

  • These are basically headlights that stay on all the time

Passive Restraint (not offered in all states)

  • Means airbags or automatic seatbelts

Homing Device

  • Can track and locate car if stolen; system must be Farmers-approved

VIN Etching (not offered in all states)

  • VIN etched on glass and other areas required by Farmers; assists in recovery if stolen

Home Insurance Discounts


Member, employee or retiree of certain businesses, occupational groups or professional associations


Farmers home policy plus at least one other qualifying Farmers line of business policy, such as Auto, Life, Umbrella, Small Business, Specialty


This discount applies when the insured enrolls in ePolicy and accepts the Go Paperless terms and conditions.

UL-Approved Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt or fiberglass shingles approved by UL

New Home

  • Home less than 14 years old

Protective Devices

  • Fire alarm
  • Security system
  • Internal sprinklers

Home Safety

  • Windows, walls, roof or foundation fortified against natural disaster  
  • Automatic gas or water shutoffs

Green Certifications

  • LEED
  • EPA

Claims Free

  • Home insurance customers earn a discount for being claim free for three consecutive years.

Connected Home – not available in all states and you can only get this, or protective devices, or home safety or green

  • Smart home system that allows for remote monitoring and control.

Rent To Own

  • Available to current renters policyholders for over a year if they buy a home and switch to a Farmers home policy

Preferred Payment or EFT

  • Available for customers who pay in full, or with a 2 pay, or sign up for a monthly pay plan with an automatic recurring electronic fund transfer

Good Payer

  • Available for customers who pay their bill on time

State Specific Home Insurance Discounts

California Earthquake Authority Discount (CA) – Available when a customer has a Farmers homeowners’ policy in addition to a policy from the California Earthquake Authority for the same residence

Retirement Community (AZ) – Discount for customers who reside within certain retirement communities

HOA Gated Community (NV) – Discount for customers who reside within certain gate communities

Fortified Home (AL) – A Fortified Home is a dwelling that is constructed with added protection to resist natural disasters and extreme weather events

Business Auto Insurance Discounts

Corporation Discount 

You could save up to 15% if your business is a corporation.

Vehicle Safety Technology Discount; "Advanced Driver Assistance System" 

Does your car have advanced safety technology features? You can have additional savings if your car has a back up camera, a lane departure notification, or a collision warning.

Multi Policy Discounts 

Save on your commercial auto policy when you also have:

  • A businessowners policy (BOP) - Package Discount
  • A workers' compensation policy - Account Completion Discount
  • A personal lines auto and homeowners policy - Personal Lines Cross Sell Discount

* Savings based on customers that switched their AUTO AND HOME to Farmers