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Landlords can select personalized coverage and get the insurance they want.

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What kind of rental property do you own? You might have several multi-unit complexes. Maybe you restored a vintage fourplex in a historic district — or rent out a single-family house you inherited from an aunt.

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Whatever your portfolio looks like, Farmers understands that residential real estate investments can come with unique challenges — to both your properties and your financial stability. Landlords can select personalized coverage and get the insurance they want.

What Landlord or Rental Property Insurance Covers

Coverage for your rental property

A Farmers® agent can help as you analyze your property and the coverage you want. Here are some situations you might encounter:

A storm damages your rental property

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Your tenant calls to say there’s vinyl siding strewn across the front yard — you’re not surprised since a thunder storm kept you awake most of the night.


Optional comprehensive property coverage can help with damage if a storm or other weather event is covered by your policy.

A pipe bursts

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A pipe in an upstairs bathroom suddenly bursts, saturating the ceiling below. You arrive to help clean up the mess, but the damage is already done.


Named-peril coverage can help with coverage for specific perils that you choose, including water from bursting pipes.

Your tenant is injured

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Your tenant trips over a garden hose you’re using to water the flowerbeds. He lands palms-down on the ground — and breaks his wrist.


Optional landlord liability coverage can help with hospital bills and lost wages if you’re legally responsible for his injury.

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The SmartMove Solution

Farmers Insurance is now offering a stress-free tenant screening solution through TransUnion. Sign Up

Optional Coverage

You might want to customize your policy with optional coverage — here are some options:

Loss of rents

Loss of rents coverage can help with the loss of rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable by a covered event like a fire or storm.

Personal property

Personal property coverage can help protect if personal belongings you store on the premises are damaged or stolen.

Personal injury

Personal injury coverage can help if you’re sued for wrongful eviction.

Other structures

Other structures coverage can help with structures that aren’t physically connected to the residence — including garages, sheds, swimming pools and driveways.

Selecting tenants

Farmers now offers a quick and reliable way to screen potential tenants through SmartMove — it’s a service that can provide an in-depth tenant suitability report within minutes.

There are no setup or accounts fees, and you don’t have to collect personal information from applicants. All they need from you is an email address — they’ll contact the applicant and take care of the rest. 

For complete details on Farmers landlord and rental property insurance, contact your local Farmers agent today.

For a quote, call 1-888-938-2121.

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