Pet Insurance

How did you and your pet first meet? However your pets came into your life, they’re members of your family. And you shouldn’t have to make tough choices when vet bills start adding up because they get sick or hurt. That’s why Farmers® chose Pets Best — a leader in pet insurance — to provide coverage that can help by reimbursing veterinary bills for covered claims when your pet has a health issue.

Pet Health Insurance for your Dog or Cat

You might have a Labrador retriever in California who has allergies and needs daily medication. Maybe your mixed breed dog in Texas injured his leg and has to do physical therapy. Perhaps your Calico cat in New York has diabetes and needs insulin injections daily.  Get a quote or call 1-877-464-6542 to speak with a Pets Best agent.

Customizable coverage plans

To help you choose the coverage you want, Farmers — through Pets Best — offers these fully customizable coverage plans:

The BestBenefit Accident and Illness is our most popular and comprehensive plan. It includes an unlimited coverage option and can help with unexpected emergencies and illnesses like:

  • Accidents including broken bones, lacerations or car accidents.
  • Illnesses including cancer, diabetes, allergies, arthritis and skin and ear infections.
  • Surgery, hereditary and congenital conditions, prescription medicines, cancer treatments and physical rehabilitation.

Accident-Only is a budget-friendly plan that can help with costs related to accidents — but doesn’t cover illnesses. Regardless of age or breed, it’s available at a monthly rate of $6 for cats and $9 for dogs. (In Washington, the flat monthly rates are $7 and $10, respectively.)

You can add optional Wellness Routine Care coverage to either plan. It offers two tiers of coverage to help pay for regular veterinary visits like annual check-ups, vaccinations and preventative medication for fleas and ticks.

Keep in mind that pet insurance offers coverage for future health issues that may occur — it won’t cover a health issue that has already started. So it’s best to enroll your puppy or kitten while it’s still young, or your newly adopted pet as soon as possible. 

The ease of a claim

If you need to file a pet health insurance claim, it’s as simple as submitting the receipt from your veterinary visit through the Pets Best website or mobile app — even while you’re still at the veterinarian’s office. You can also use the app to check the status of your claim, access policy details and retrieve your claim history.

Most claims are processed in five days or less, and there’s no extra charge for receiving reimbursements by direct deposit.

You can receive an online quote or call 1-877-464-6542 to speak with a Pets Best agent.

5% discount applies to BestBenefit plans only; discount available in most states. Additional 5% discount if insuring more than one pet.

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Get a quote or call 1-877-464-6542 to speak with a Pets Best agent.

Why choose Farmers and Pets Best?

With Farmers and Pets Best, you can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian or specialist of your choice — there’s no need to worry about provider restrictions or networks.

You also receive free 24-hour access to veterinary experts via email, chat and phone. You can ask about emergency care (e.g. “My dog swallowed his favorite toy.”) or behavioral-related advice (e.g. “Will positive reinforcement training work for my dog?”).

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To learn more about Pet insurance and to get a quote, call a Pets Best agent at 1-877-464-6542.