Cyber and Identity Shield

The information age has changed the way we live. You can shop online, bank online, share information with friends and family a continent away. But sometimes information flows too easily - cyber fraud and identity theft pose a growing threat to the privacy and financial security of consumers. 

What would you do if your first warning of ID theft was receiving a delinquency notice for a credit card you’d never applied for? Or if one morning your mobile banking app showed your savings balance transferred to an overseas account you’d never heard of? According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers report more than five million incidents of fraudulent activity, identity thefts, and other incidents each year, with an average loss over $600 plus untold hours of restoring accounts, records, and reputations.i

That’s why Farmers® is pleased to offer a range of services and insurance coverages to help you with these type of incidents, alert you if incidents happen, and provide assistance to help you after an incident takes place. (Important: services, availability, coverages, limits, and pricing may vary by state and policy type – contact your local Farmers agent for details.)

Help safeguard finances and your identity – how does it work?

These coverages and services are available as an optional endorsement to many Farmers homeowners insurance policies. Here are common features customers can use. 

Helping you avoid cyber fraud and identity theft:

  • Dark web monitoring can notify you if your personally identifiable information appears online, so that you can take steps to secure your accounts and identity before a loss occurs. 

  • Proactive credit monitoring can alert you to changes that could indicate fraud.

  • Change of address monitoring can warn you if someone begins using your identity at an address other than your own. 

Helping you recover from cyber fraud and identity theft:

  • Identity restoration services can provide a fraud specialist to help you clean up after an identity theft, like reinstating your identity or regaining control of accounts. 

  • Identity theft expenses coverage can reimburse you for many costs related to an identity theft, including lost wages, notarized affidavits to financial institutions, and certain attorney fees related to the identity theft.

  • Funds transfer and social engineering fraud coverage can help with expenses from online frauds and thefts including hacking, phishing, pharming, and/or social engineering. 

  • Internet clean-up event coverage can help you take down false statements about you published on the internet.

  • Cyberbullying coverage can help respond to instances of cyber harassment including cost of psychological counseling, tuition fees, content removal, and more. 

  • Ransomware support services can assist you if your computer becomes infected with ransomware.

  • Data recovery and system restoration can help you restore lost or corrupted data and restore system operations due to virus, malware, or hacking. 

  • Privacy breach liability coverage can help cover your liability if a breach of your own systems results in the release of someone else’s personally identifiable information.

If you’re interested in helping your family defend against ID theft, hackers, credit fraud, and more, talk to your local Farmers agent or get a Farmers home insurance quote today.

i Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2022, Federal Trade Commission, Feb. 2023