Maximize the Value of Your Condo Coverage

Farmers® builds value into every policy — but you may be eligible for even more savings if you take actions like these.

Enhance your condo’s safety and security

Have you secured your condo with dead bolts, window locks, and an electronic security system connected to local police? Perhaps you have a fire alarm that automatically alerts the fire department if there’s an emergency. Or you might keep your entrances, driveway and exterior walkways clear of snow and ice. Be sure to let your agent know how you help prevent accidents and theft.

Don’t smoke

Because smoking raises the risk of fire damage, nonsmokers may qualify for lower condo insurance premiums by way of discounts. In most states, Farmers offers a discount if all members of a household haven’t smoked in the past two years.

Purchase multiple policies from Farmers

You’ll get more than convenience when you buy multiple policy lines from Farmers — you might also receive multiline discounts on each policy. Remember to ask your agent about pricing for auto and personal umbrella coverage when you request a homeowners insurance quote.

See if you’re eligible for additional savings

Are you a teacher, police officer, firefighter, member of the military, doctor, nurse, dentist, engineer or other professional? You may be eligible for a discount because of your career choice. And you may qualify for other discounts, regardless of your profession.

Your Farmers agent will be happy to help answer questions as you decide which coverage you want.

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