Relationship between Farmers Group, Inc. and the Exchanges

The Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange and Truck Insurance Exchange are California inter-insurance exchanges owned by their policyholders. Each of the Exchanges is governed by its own Board of Governors, which in turn appoints the Exchange's officers.  

Farmers Group, Inc., or one of its wholly owned subsidiaries provides certain administrative services for each Exchange pursuant to a power of attorney. Farmers Group, Inc., has a Board of Directors, which in turn appoints Farmers Group, Inc.'s officers.

The Exchanges do not hold an ownership interest in Farmers Group, Inc., or its subsidiaries, and neither Farmers Group, Inc., nor any of its subsidiaries holds an ownership interest in any of the Exchanges.

Officers of Farmers Group, Inc.

  • Jeffrey Dailey

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Deborah Aldredge

    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Keith Daly

    President, Personal Lines
  • Sharon Fernandez

    President of Business Insurance
  • Scott Lindquist

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve McAnena

    President, Distribution, Life and Financial Services
  • Aidan Mc Glinchey

    Head of Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Steve Weinstein

    Steve Weinstein is General Counsel for Farmers Group, Inc.
  • Paul Wilson

    Chief Information Officer

Officers of the Exchanges

  • Rob Howard

    Chief Claims Officer
  • Frank Carni

    Head of Auto Claims
  • Tim Felks

    Head of Property Claims
  • Thomas Noh

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Craig Orraj

    Head of Business Insurance Claims
  • Tim Murray

    Head of Claims Shared Services