Mutual Funds

What’s your investing style? For many people, it’s based on age. Earlier in your career, you might be comfortable with greater risk — there’s a potential for bigger gains, and more time to make up losses. But your approach may get more conservative as you reach retirement.

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Whatever your priorities, a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent can discuss options so you can develop a mutual fund investment strategy. You can choose from a wide variety of mutual funds — with a variety of investment objectives or goals.

Common financial concerns

Here are a few ways mutual funds can help address common financial concerns:

Your retirement plan lacks diversification


Your retirement plan at work limits your investment options— you’d like to manage some of the risk with other investments.

Possible Solution:

Because mutual funds offer diversification and professional management, they have certain advantages over purchasing individual stocks and bonds. You can select funds that spread risk across hundreds of stocks (equity funds) or bonds (fixed income funds) — and even a mix of both (balanced funds).

Your college fund is in low-yield investments


Your child’s college fund may not be earning much in a savings account — and savings bonds sent by relatives aren’t keeping pace with the rate of inflation.

Possible Solution:

Target-date mutual funds are funds that change their investment allocations over time, seeking to meet the fund’s objectives as you plan to reach your goals at a specific time.

You want easy access to some investment savings


Your retirement plan is humming along — but you’d like to build a cash reserve for emergencies or a major purchase, consistent with your individual risk comfort.

Possible Solution:

Money market funds may offer better yields than bank accounts — although they carry some risk.

Learn about investments so you can help protect and build your wealth

Talk to a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent about your financial goals, risk tolerance and timeline. In addition to hearing about mutual fund investment options, an agent can discuss other investment options you may wish to consider.

We’ve spent 90 years putting customers first — personalized attention is a hallmark of the Farmers® experience.

As your investing needs and goals change over time, your agent can work with you to make adjustments to your portfolio.

Contact your Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent

Purchasers should consider the objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the mutual funds before investing. Contact a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent for a prospectus that contains this and other important information; read it carefully before purchasing. Past performance of any investment does not guarantee future results; investment returns will fluctuate so such shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original amount invested.

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