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Use this calculator to help you determine how long your investment savings might last. Enter your current savings plan in the contributions section of the calculator, and your withdrawal needs in the withdrawal section. This calculator will then plot your investment savings total year-by-year. You can then determine how much your investment savings could be worth, and how long it might last.

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These calculators are designed to be informational and educational tools only, and do not constitute a recommendation or investment advice.  While it is a helpful tool, you should understand its limitations.  The results generated by these calculators are hypothetical, do not reflect any actual returns and are not an implied or expressed guarantee of any investment performance. We also encourage you to review your investment strategy periodically as your financial circumstances change.  Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC (FFS) and its affiliates are not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon, or as a result of the information provided by these tools.  Due to the complexity of each individual’s specific investment and tax situation, we recommend that you seek advice from an appropriate financial or tax professional when planning your investment strategy.