Moving? Here’s what you need to know

Moving can be stressful, but getting insurance
for your new home
doesn’t have to be.

Your home insurance timeline

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4 weeks

before your closing date

When you begin escrow – Get a quote for your new home from your agent.
Don’t have an agent yet? Find one here.

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3 weeks

before your closing date

Notify your current insurance of your date of cancellation on your old home
(typically the day you close escrow and transfer ownership).

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2 weeks

before your closing date

Show proof of insurance to your lender.
They’ll need to see it before you can close on your home.

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Moving checklist

 Schedule movers (don’t forget to ask about hidden fees)

 Inventory your high-value possessions

 Clean out & donate items you no longer want

 Buy plenty of boxes and packing supplies

 Transfer your utilities


 Forward your mail

 Notify people and companies of your new address

 Set aside essential items so they don’t get packed away or lost

 Schedule a home cleaning after you’ve packed everything up


How can I save money on my home insurance?

Here are some ways to save and lower your premium:

  • Use the same insurance carrier for all your policies to maximize bundling discounts.
  • Consider raising your deductibles, or the amount you pay out of pocket on claims.
  • Think about getting a security system and fire alarm.

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What’s the difference between home insurance and a home warranty?

A home warranty can cover service, repairs or replacement of your home’s major appliances and mechanical systems. Home insurance can provide coverage for your house itself and your belongings. It can help pay for damage caused by fires and other perils named in your policy.

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When should I get homeowners insurance when buying a home?

If you’re taking out a mortgage, you’ll probably need homeowners insurance before you can close on a new home. Your home insurance policy won’t go into effect until you close, but it needs to be in place, and, in many cases, you may need to prepay a full year of coverage.

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