Why Should I Pay For Full RV Coverage Even During Months I Don’t Use My RV?

Why Should I Pay For Full RV Coverage Even During Months I Don’t Use My RV?

Why Should I Pay For Full RV Coverage Even During Months I Don’t Use My RV?

Here are some things to consider:

  • You can get storage-only RV insurance for the off season.
  • Storage insurance covers your RV for fire, theft, vandalism and acts of nature.
  • It does not cover damage caused by a collision with another vehicle.
  • You take on greater risk by not having full coverage.

Question I currently have full coverage on my RV, but I’m wondering whether I really need it all year long. I keep it in a secure storage facility during the winter. I could save money by dropping full coverage during this time. Is this a good idea?

David Stansfield, a Farmers Insurance® agent in Fort Collins, Colorado, gives his take on keeping full coverage on your RV year-round.

Answer You do have the option of carrying storage-only insurance in the off season. This will cover your RV for things like theft, vandalism, falling objects and damage caused by weather or animals. It does not cover damage resulting from collision with another vehicle. There are some risks, however to not having year-round collision coverage — or full coverage, as you put it.

For example, if you keep your RV at a storage facility — indoor or out — chances are it’s surrounded by other RVs, boats, campers, trucks and so on. There’s a potential for mishaps when you have enormous vehicles and loaded trailers going in and out of parking spots. Another driver could ding your RV and not even realize it — or just drive off. Even if you have enough yard space to park your RV at home, there’s still a risk of another vehicle colliding with it. You might want collision insurance to cover this type of accident.

For most of the customers I have worked with, their RV is the largest vehicle purchase they will ever make. They have a lot invested in their home on wheels — and don’t want to put any portion of that investment at risk. Therefore, these customers maintain full coverage at all times.

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