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When you choose life insurance coverage, it’s important to consider your family’s immediate and future financial needs. 

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Life Insurance Calculator:

How Much Coverage Might I Need?

When you choose life insurance coverage, it’s important to consider your family’s immediate and future financial needs. Estimate how much life insurance you may want with financial and personal factors like:



How much do you owe? Do you have credit card balances, car payments, lines of credit or any other personal debts?



What are your family’s living expenses? How much would they need to continue without you — and for how long?



How much would your family need to pay off your mortgage if you were gone?



Do your children attend public or private school? Do you plan to help them pay for college?

As everyone’s needs are different, you may also have other key considerations, such as your age, marital status, charitable giving, dependent relatives, end-of-life medical expenses or funeral costs.

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