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They Spent The Winter ‘Glamping’ In A Fabulous New RV. Too Bad It Wasn’t Theirs

Before you get your recreational vehicle ready for the off season, read one agent’s unsettling-but-true story from our Hall of Claims

With visions of family road trips, summer hiking, and ‘glamping’ in national parks, a hardworking Nevada couple with two kids decided it was time to splurge on the camper of their dreams.


After carefully weighing their options, they bought a sleek, 27-foot-long RV — a home away from home on wheels, with high-end finishes that make camping glorious. They parked it for the winter, and periodically checked the vehicle while planning their summer escape.


At some point early on, the mom noticed tiny dark pellets, the size of Tic Tacs, and quickly set out mouse traps.

Days later, she was rewarded with an exceptionally large, dead mouse. Success. She set the trap again, and quickly caught another mouse— this one, even bigger. Fearing an infestation, she drove the trailer back to the dealer for a deep cleaning.


When the dealership’s cleaning crew unscrewed the vents and reached into the ducts, they found squirming, squeaking rats (not mice) everywhere: in corners, next to the water tank, walking along plumbing from one room to the next. This pack of rats had truly made themselves at home.


The Resolution: The damage was so severe, the trailer was totaled and replaced. After the deductible was paid on their comprehensive auto insurance policy, the claim was covered by Farmers®.

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