Does Renters Insurance Typically Cover Car Theft?

Does Renters Insurance Typically Cover Car Theft?

Does Renters Insurance Typically Cover Car Theft?

Answer  Renters insurance doesn’t cover your car if it’s stolen. But typically it does cover the theft of property from your car — your laptop, your purse, your golf clubs, a trunk full of belongings you’ve packed for a week-long vacation.

If a thief steals your car, you’d need comprehensive coverage in your car insurance policy to cover the car itself. If your car is broken into — whether in your garage or on the street far from home — the personal property coverage in your rental insurance policy can help you replace what’s stolen. 

Renters insurance won’t help with any damage to the car that happens during a theft. If the thieves smash your window to grab your backpack, you’d need car insurance to help replace the window. But renters insurance can cover the backpack and what’s in it. 

Insurance coverage can be complicated when it comes to renters insurance, cars and theft. A few examples: 

  • If your driver’s license, credit cards and other documents are stolen from your car, your renters insurance might cover the costs associated with replacing the documents themselves, but typically it wouldn’t cover identity fraud that results from the theft.

  • Renters insurance typically doesn’t cover after-market equipment you’ve bought and installed in your car, like a high-end stereo. 

  • Your renters insurance can cover your things even if you don’t own the car they’re stolen from — a rental car for instance. 

Keep in mind that on any theft claim, your renters insurance deductible will apply and you’re covered only up to the limit you selected when you bought your policy. Your policy may have special limits for high-value items, like a bike or jewelry, but you can often add extra coverage. Most theft claims require a police report.

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