Tenant Screening

The SmartMove™ Solution Farmers Insurance® is now offering a stress-free tenant screening solution through TransUnion.*

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Protect Yourself With Stress-Free Tenant Screening



Farmers Insurance is now offering a stress-free tenant screening solution through TransUnion.

  • No Set-Up Fees
  • No Minimums
  • No Hassle


How It Works

  • Landlord emails screening request to applicant
  • Applicant authorizes screening by providing personal info online
  • SmartMove gives Landlord screening reports


Tenant Screening

$25.00 /per screening

  • Credit-based RentalScore
  • Credit screening certified by TransUnion
  • Customized leasing recommendation and deposit amount
  • National criminal background check

QuickCheck PLUS

Tenant Screening

$35.00 /per screening

All the features of QuickCheck Tenant Screening PLUS:

  • Full Credit Report
  • Eviction Report




Credit Report

With TransUnion SmartMove, you can run tenant credit reports in minutes, which will allow you as a landlord to make better decisions about your rental property.

Eviction Report

TransUnion eviction reports come from a variety of sources including public court records.

Criminal Report

TransUnion's consumer bureau file provides enhanced match logic; which can allow you to see a more accurate report and criminal offender information.



Why SmartMove?

Great Convenience

  • Process is easy, online & mobile optimized
  • No membership requirements or physical inspections
  • Reports delivered in minutes
  • Pay-per-use with choice of landlord or renter pay
  • Quick account setup means landlord can begin screening instantly

Great Tenants

  • Score built for tenant use case and aligned to bad tenant outcomes
  • Combines high-end reports with easy access process to inform decisions
  • Statisticians on staff to continue refining our scoring model
  • Custom leasing recommendation incorporates the landlord's own criteria
  • Built-in application identity verification



Start Screening Today

Whether you're new to renting or have been doing it for years, start getting smarter about who you let move in. With no setup fees, TransUnion makes it easy to begin instantly, so sign up today.

But no matter how thoroughly you chose your tenants, always make sure you have coverage.  See our Landlord Rental and Property insurance for how you can make sure your property is covered.

TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions is offered by TransUnion LLC.  TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions is exclusively provided by TransUnion LLC and TransUnion LLC is solely responsible for all products.  Visit  https://www.mysmartmove.com for details.