Earthquake Preparation

An earthquake can strike at any time, and without warning.

Like most natural disasters, an earthquake can strike when you least expect it. But the fact that they can strike so quickly perfectly highlights the need to prepare and practice your disaster preparedness.

Before an Earthquake

Make a plan:

Prepare your emergency kit and make a communication plan. Identify evacuation routes in your area and define a meeting point for your family.

Identify safe spaces:

Inside, get under heavy, sturdy objects like tables or against an inside wall. Outside, stay away from buildings and get out into the open. In a car, stop and stay in your seat. Avoid being near buildings or under an overpass.

During an Earthquake

Drop, cover, and hold on:

Drop to your hands and knees, cover your head and neck, and hold on to any sturdy furniture. If in bed, stay there and cover your neck with a pillow.

Stay put:

If inside, don’t attempt to run outside once an earthquake begins. If in a vehicle, stop in an area away from large structures, trees, or utility lines.

Look out from above:

If near mountains or slopes, watch for falling rocks or landslides.

After an Earthquake

Expect aftershocks:

Small tremors may still happen long after the initial quake has passed.

Avoid the damage:

Move outside of any damaged buildings. Do no attempt to re-enter them.

Move up or inland:

If you’re near the coast, watch for tsunamis. Move to higher ground immediately.

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