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When it comes to natural disasters, we’ve definitely seen a thing or two.

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When it comes to natural disasters, we’ve definitely seen a thing or two.

Especially the devastation that can occur when families are caught unprepared. That’s why we created this resource to help you learn more about natural disasters in your area, and what you can do to help keep yourself and your family safe. 

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As they travel across the country to help disaster-stricken communities recover, our Catastrophe Response Team members are no strangers to danger.  Here, they share their invaluable insights they've learned over the years of experience. 

How Do You Compare When It Comes to National Preparedness?

We polled families around the country to find out just how prepared they are.

60% of households do not have emergency plans in place for a natural disaster.

39% of individuals in the U.S. say they don’t feel confident they can rebound financially from a natural disaster.

55% of people living in the United States don’t have an emergency kit prepared and ready for use.

70% of pet owners living in the United States do not have a pet-specific emergency kit ready.

55% of individuals living in the United States who have personally experienced a natural disaster as an adult don’t have an emergency plan in place.

Ready to Get Prepared? 

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