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Insurance Documents to Update After  Getting Married

Getting married is one of life’s biggest and happiest moments! Two lives become one as you exchange rings and tie the knot (cue sappy love song).  But when the reception’s over and you’re back from the honeymoon, there are a few small pieces of business you might want to attend to.

After you’re married, it’s important to update important documents, for example:

  • Review and update the “beneficiary” in your Life insurance policy

  • Do the same for your IRA, pension, or similar retirement accounts

  • Update the “beneficiary” and “next of kin” information for your Social Security benefits

  • Review your Will and power of attorney documents

  • Consolidate your insurance policies – add your spouse to your Home, Auto, and Life policies (With Farmers this could qualify you for additional savings!)

If you decide to consolidate your insurance policies after the wedding, make sure there’s no overlaps in coverage or you could be paying twice for something that’s already covered. Talk to a Farmers agent to learn more!

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