Must Have Apps for a Safe Roadtrip

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Now we all know that driving and using your phone is a big no-no (if you’re reading this and driving...stop). In fact, it might even be more dangerous than driving drunk! But when you’re on a road trip, packed like sardines with friends, family, luggage, somebody’s dog, endless bags of pretzels, and your CD collection from ’98, your smartphone can come in handy.

With the right apps, your smartphone can be a lifeline, a tool, and a buddy on the road! Just make sure you use it safely, and have apps that can:

1. Find the cheapest gas station

On a great road trip, don’t break down and don’t break the bank. Use a reliable gas station finder app and avoid both! These kinds of apps map out the nearest gas stations by your location, let your sort by price and distance, and give you real-time prices. That way, when the fuel light comes on and you’ve got no clue where the heck you are, just fire up an app and find the closest and cheapest gas station in town.

Check out Gasbuddy, Gas Guru, or Fuel Finder.



2. Spot landmarks and attractions

What’s a road trip without a few random stops to visit the Pigeon Zoo, see the largest ball of string, or eat the biggest grilled cheese sandwich in America? No road trip we want to be on, that’s what! But how to find these hidden gems along the road? Trust your newest app! Great road trip apps can help find attractions and landmarks, or give suggestions as you drive. It’s a great way to see the country, and you might even get a few weird and interesting stories out of it too. (That’s why you road trip in the first place right?)

Check out Roadside America, RoadNinja, or Roadtrippers.



3. Stop texting

Look, we all know texting and driving is dangerous. But on long road trips, it’s tough to avoid communicating with the world outside your car. Thankfully, your friendly neighborhood app developers have come up with solutions. Apps like and even Apple’s Siri function can read texts to you, and let you send auto-responses. While other apps like Safecell, AT&T DriveMode, and Textecution completely block incoming messages and calls. They can even send a preprogrammed message back, like “Hey, I’m driving. I’ll get back to you” so you can focus on the road ahead.


4. Navigate and get around traffic

Getting lost on a road trip sounds like a fun adventure…or the start of every horror movie. So don’t be that person. Get a great navigation app, stay on the beaten path, and even avoid some time-sucking traffic too! The industry standards these days are GoogleMaps (with audio turn-by-turn navigation) and Waze (actually just bought by Google). Waze goes a step beyond, giving you crowd-sourced, real-time traffic reports for the best route possible.

Just remember though, if you do end up in a horror movie, never split up. That’s a rookie mistake.



5. Stay in contact with your Auto insurance company

Things happen on the road. Maybe you hit a rogue pothole and get a flat tire. Or maybe you accidentally rear end someone while stuck in traffic. Either way, having an app from your car insurance company can be a life saver! Farmers mobile app, for instance, let’s you file a claim, get in touch with your agent, and even find local utilities and services to fix your car if your road trip doesn’t go as planned.

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