What Does a Renters Insurance Policy Cover?

Get straight answers to real-world questions, and see how your Farmers Renters insurance would really cover you out there.

Unexpected things happen every day. That’s what insurance is for. How exactly would your Farmers Renters Insurance cover you, though, if something were to happen to your stuff?

What if:

Someone breaks into my apartment and steals my computer?

If you lose property and important data during a covered loss, you would be covered up to your policy limits to replace that data on your equipment. This includes software, text, images, video, or audio files.

My neighbor falls asleep while smoking and starts a fire that damages my clothes?

Your policy covers your personal possessions, including clothing, up to your coverage limit. So your Renters Insurance would help replace your burned or smoke-damaged items.

My friend trips on my wet floor and breaks his ankle in the house?

Renters insurance includes medical payments and liability coverage, which means your Renters insurance could cover his doctor’s bills and any legal bills for action he might take against you, up to your coverage limits.

My dog bites someone?

With some exceptions, your Liability coverage does cover you if your dog bites a guest, a neighbor, or stranger, either on or off the property.

I’m traveling through Europe and someone steals my Smartphone?

Thankfully, your policy covers your personal property anywhere in the world, for the limit amount stated in your policy, subject to any applicable deductible.

There’s a flood, and my passport and birth certificate are destroyed?

If certain valuable papers are destroyed, you’ll be covered for the cost to replace or restore the documents up to your policy limit. This includes certain legal documents, as well as personal records like photos and videos. There is a $500 limit on securities, accounts, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, manuscripts, passports, tickets, and stamp collections. For higher-valued items, consider purchasing a Securities Floater, which can be added to your policy to provide additional coverage.

My favorite ring accidentally washes down the shower drain?

In case of a covered loss of jewelry or watches other than theft, you’ll be reimbursed up to your policy limit. There is a $500 limit on theft of jewelry, watches, precious and semi-precious stones, and furs. For higher-valued items, consider purchasing Jewelry Floater, which can be added to your policy to provide additional coverage.

My building is severely damaged in a fire, and I have to pay to live somewhere else while it’s being repaired?

Your policy also covers additional living expenses for up to 24 months (depending on the policy type), so you can live somewhere safe while your residence it being repaired.

Speak with a Farmers agent for more coverage option specifics.

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This brief summary is not a policy document. Please read the actual policy documents for your state for important details on coverages, exclusions, limits, conditions and terms. If there is any conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control. Not all products and discounts are available in every state.

New York, Texas and Washington:

Insurance is underwritten by Farmers Insurance Exchange or an affiliated insurance company. Visit Farmers.com for a complete listing of companies. In New York, Renters insurance is underwritten by Truck Insurance Exchange. In Texas, Renters insurance is underwritten by Fire Insurance Exchange. In Washington, Renters insurance is underwritten by Farmers Insurance Exchange and Farmers Insurance Company of Washington. Each insuring entity has sole financial responsibility for its own products. This is not a policy but a general description and is not an offer to insure. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and any endorsements. Not all coverages and discounts are available in all states. Limitations may apply. Please note that if you are already insured with Farmers Insurance, contact your Farmers agent for a review of your policy(ies).