A new and improved online claim tool

We’ve made it easier to report a claim for your home, auto or specialty product using the new online claim tool. With this new feature, your claim representative will be provided with necessary information to better serve your needs in a faster, more convenient way. 

Report a Claim Online

What's new:

Simplified reporting process

This new tool walks you through the claim reporting process and asks key questions to help you supply loss details.

Loss summary

When you’re done reporting your claim, the tool provides a summary of key facts, including claim representative contact information and when you can expect to be contacted.

Assignments and services

It makes claim assignment and helps you schedule needed services such as direct repair, rental and emergency mitigation.



Upload claim photo

Using the online tool, you now have the option to take a picture of the damage and upload it directly to assist in the claim process.

Customer Support

Help is available via prompts, tips and live chat.  You can also call (800) 435-7764 for assistance at any time.



Farmers Mobile App

With the Farmers Mobile App, reporting a home, auto or specialty claim takes just a few swipes. Manage your insurance and report a loss 24/7 - at home or on the go - with the app's robust policy and claim management features.