California Insurance Discounts

Auto Insurance Discounts

Perfect weather isn’t the only thing California has to offer. For over 90 years, Farmers has been serving the great people of California with quality coverage at a smart price. So when you get a quote, know that you’re getting every discount to help keep your insurance rates down from a trusted carrier.

Discounts for the Family

Multi-line Discounts - Save time and money by making Farmers your one-stop-shop for all of your insurance needs. Combine your Farmers Auto insurance with any of the following policies and get a discount:
  • Home
  • Condo
  • Renters
  • Life
  • Farmers Specialty (motorcycle, family boat, motor home, travel trailer, rec vehicle, etc.)
  • Umbrella
  • California Earthquake Authority

Business and Professional Group - If you or your spouse is a member or retiree of a qualifying professional occupation or business group, you could receive a discount. Contact us to see if you’re included on this long list of professions.

Multi-Car - Insure more than one vehicle under the same Farmers Auto insurance policy and you’ll save on your rates.

Youthful Drivers - Adding a youthful new driver to your household can be costly.  Farmers offers discounts to help:

  • Driver Training Discount
  • Good Student Discount

Planning Ahead Discounts


Alternative Fuel -
Vehicles that run on electric, electric / gasoline hybrid, ethanol, methanol, compressed natural gas, or propane are great for the environment, save you money at the pump, and can lower your Auto insurance rates.

Homeowner - California policyholders are eligible for an additional discount if they own their home.

Classroom Discounts


Good Student -
Farmers discounts coverage for young drivers in California with less than 9 years of driving experience, who maintain a “B” average or better. This discount can also apply to students that meeting one of the following academic criteria:
  • College students with a 3.0 (out of 4.0) grade point average or higher
  • Dean’s List or Honor Roll students
  • Students ranked in the top 20% of their class or on recognized standardized tests

To qualify, please contact Farmers with any applicable documentation (report card, transcript, etc.).

Inexperienced Driver Training - Are there any drivers in your home with less than nine years of driving experience and no traffic violations on their record? Have them complete a driver safety program and receive additional savings!

Defensive Driving Discounts


Antilock Brakes - Covered vehicles built with factory-installed, four wheel anti-lock braking systems are eligible for this premium discount.

Anti-Theft - Have an alarm system or similar anti-theft or vehicle recovery device installed in your vehicle, like Lojack, Alert Trac, Onstar, Teletrac, or On-Guard? Then you may be eligible for an additional rate discount.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) - If your vehicle features factory-installed Electronic Stability Control (your car company may refer to it as Electronic Stability Program “E S P” or Dynamic Stability Control “D S C”) you may qualify for a discount off your Collision Coverage.

Good Driver - Experienced drivers are generally less risky to cover. So in California, if you’re (1) licensed for 3 years without a suspension, lapse, or failed renewal, and (2) have had no more than 1 point on your license in the past 3 years, you may be eligible for a rate discount.

Passive Restraint - Factory-installed safety features like automatic seatbelts and airbags protect you and reduce the likelihood of injuries in a crash. So Farmers discounts your premium if they’re fitted in your vehicle.

Senior Defensive Driving - If you are 55 or older, and successfully complete a Department of Motor Vehicles approved driver safety course, you may be eligible for a discount.

Home Insurance Discounts

Learn more about Farmers California Homeowners insurance discounts to see if you qualify for additional savings.

Discounts for the Household


Business and Professional Group -
If you work for an eligible business or as a member of a professional group, you may get a discount on your Farmers Homeowners policy. Contact us to see if you qualify.

Multi-line Discounts - Multiple insurance policies help to organize your coverages and save you time and money. Combine your Farmers homeowners insurance with a Farmers Auto and/or Life insurance policy, and you’ll receive additional discounts.

Non Smoker - Statistically, smoking can unfortunately put your home at increased risk of damage. So Farmers provides an incentive discount for households who have been smoke-free for at least 2 years.

Home Upkeep Discounts


Home Renovation - If you’ve renovated your home’s heating and electrical, or plumbing systems recently, you could earn a rate discount.

New Home - If your home was built within the past 9 years, it’s eligible for a special New Home discount. For Landlord policies, this is extended to 12 years.

Home Safety Discounts

secure home icon

Home Safety - Qualify for this additional discount when you’ve added loss prevention measures or environmentally-friendly features to your home like these:

  • Fortified windows, doors, and improved connections between the roof, walls, and foundation to guard against natural disasters and extreme weather
  • ENERGY STAR or EPA Certified for energy efficiency
  • LEED Certified for high-performance green homes
  • Whole House Water Leak Detection to shut off the main water service when a leak is found
  • Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

Connected Home - also known as a smart home – may earn you a discount on your Farmers Insurance® Home policy.   Having a Connected Home is a smart way of using technologies to help you monitor your home 24/7 – both when you're home and when you're away.

Simplify and save

Find out about multi-line insurance discounts when you buy an auto policy with a home policy.

You may be eligible for one or more of these discounts, subject to documentation. Discounts apply to selected coverages, perils and policy types. Eligibility and actual percentage of discounts may vary. Not all products and discounts are available in every state.  Please contact a Farmers agent for details.