Help Prevent Identity Theft

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Most of us think about identity thieves as some dark figure sitting behind a computer, hacking our online accounts, stealing our passwords, and wringing their hands menacingly all the while. But what if you didn’t know that identity thieves are real people, who use all kinds of brazen methods to physically get at your personal information too?

  • “Dumpster diving” identity thieves go through your trash to look for papers with personal information. Super gross, but true!

  • Some thieves file a change of address form at the Post Office and divert your billing statements to another location. So it may not be a good thing if you suddenly stop getting bills.
  • Old-fashioned methods like stealing your papers from your mailbox or from your purse work just as well too.

You can lower your chances of becoming a victim of these felonious attempts by going paperless! It makes managing your accounts easier, safer, and hey, with all the paper you save you’ll be eco-friendly too. So go ahead and slap that “Go Green” bumper sticker on your hybrid with even more confidence!

Of course, doing business online or over the phone comes with a few dangers as well. Stay alert for suspicious callers and fishy e-mails (no, that Nigerian Prince is not going to wire you one hundred thousand dollars…sorry). And whatever system you prefer, always monitor your bank and credit accounts closely.