Catastrophe Response

Ever wonder what Farmers is doing after a severe weather event? In the event of a major natural disaster, get information here about Farmers claims personnel in your area and the locations of our Mobile Claims Center fleet.

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The Catastrophe Response Team

We are assisting customers in areas affected by catastrophes


Due to the strong winds and hail reported on July 21st, we have seen an increase in claims throughout Schaumburg and surrounding areas.

Catastrophe adjusters have been deployed to assist with claims and we will continue to monitor the situation closely. File a claim with the Farmers Mobile App, file online, contact your agent, or call the Claims Contact Center at (800) 435-7764.

If you have already filed a claim, you can check its status or call the Claims Contact Center at (800) 435-7764.

You can also follow Farmers' response on Twitter at @FarmersResponse

After a disaster

Please stay alert and away from dangers like:

  • Damaged roads or bridges
  • Broken or damaged power lines and gas lines
  • Broken glass, splintered wood and other sharp, dangerous objects
  • Gas fumes (open windows for ventilation, and wait to use lighters or matches)

Remember to cooperate with authorities. If you’re asked to stay off of phone lines, keep off emergency roads or anything else, do it. In the aftermath of a major disaster, everyone has to pitch in and do their part.

Contact your Claim Representative
After you’ve handled all of the immediate dangers, and gotten yourself and your family to a safe place, you should alert your Claim Representative with an inventory of your losses, so s/he can get started on investigating and replacing your property.

Remember to:

  • Do some temporary repairs to prevent any looting or further damages, if you can.
  • Hire a reliable contractor. Beware of fraudulent contractors who prey on disaster victims.
  • Please be patient, especially if there’s widespread damage in your community.  


Preparation and Safety Tips

Information provided the Institute for Business & Home Safety. The Institute for Business & Home Safety’s mission is to reduce the social and economic effects of natural disasters and other property losses by conducting research and advocating improved construction, maintenance and preparation practices.

The information and suggestions presented range from simple weekend tasks to involved projects that may require professional assistance. Before starting on any activity, make sure you are comfortable with the required skill level. If you are uncertain, contact a professional. Report any property damage to your insurance agent or company representative immediately after a wildfire or other natural disaster and make temporary repairs to prevent further damage.