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Education & Non-Profit Business Insurance

From claims of libel, slander or privacy
violations launched against your employees
or organization, to inventory theft or visitor
injuries that take place on your premises,
Farmers offers specific coverage tailored to
protect your Non-Profit organization.

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Insurance Options for Education & Non-Profit Business Owners

With over 80 years of experience providing insurance coverage for businesses and business owners, Farmers understands the specific needs of Education & Non-Profit organizations. Contact an agent for an insurance quote customized for the specific needs of your organization.

Common coverage

Business Property

Make sure you have insurance coverage for your organization no matter what's around the corner. Whether it is a fire or unexpected event, Business Property insurance can help you protect your facility and valuable equipment.

Business Liability

Anyone who comes in contact with your business can file a lawsuit against you for accidents or mistakes involving you or your employees. Business Liability insurance can help you stand strong through challenging situations by providing coverage that addresses the cost of claims and legal damages.

Tuitions and Fees

Obtain coverage for the loss of business income derived from tuition and fees if your Education & Non-Profit organization is damaged by a fire, hail, windstorm or other unexpected event.

Counseling Professional Liability

Obtain coverage for your organization for any negligent acts or omissions arising from a covered professional counseling service such as vocational counseling, educational or learning disability therapy.

Review specific coverage types with your Farmers agent to gain a better understanding of Farmers' key insurance offerings for your Education & Non-Profit Business.

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