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Protecting Stuff in Your Car

Window-Shopping Car Thieves are Powerless to Stop Home Insurance!

People leave stuff in their cars every day. We drop our cell phones in the cup holder, leave a bag on the floor, and throw our golf clubs in the back seat. We’re human, so we forget about this stuff, park, and go inside. It happens. The thing is, sometimes when we come back to our cars, the things we left aren’t where we left them.

So what if you didn’t know that your Homeowners’ insurance could cover things stolen from your car too?

Some Homeowners’ insurance policies treat your car as an extension of your house. That means your personal property coverage would protect almost anything (purses, luggage, camera equipment, electronics…all kinds of things) stolen from your car. This coverage may even be better than what’s offered by comprehensive car insurance! For instance, did you know comprehensive coverage usually doesn’t cover jewelry, clothing, and accessories kept in your car?

So if you’re prone to leaving your jacket, watch, or cell phone in the car…it may be something to look into.

Speak to your agent to learn the extent of your Homeowners insurance coverage, and make sure your limits protect your stuff inside and outside your home.