Farmers iClaim

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With Farmers iClaim mobile device app, you are never far away from HelpPoint® Claim Services. Reporting a Farmers claim, documenting a claim or accident details, finding Farmers preferred rental car vendor and more can now be done conveniently from your mobile device. And it's FREE!

Farmers iClaim app has something for everybody, whether or not you’re a current Farmers customer.

  • Agent information

    - With Farmers iClaim, you’re never far from your agent information. You can find a local agent in your area or store your agent’s contact information for fast, convenient access.
  • Report claims

    - Get connected to HelpPoint® Claim Services with a simple shake of your phone and instantly report your claim electronically. A HelpPoint Claim Services professional will contact you to complete the process. Farmers iClaim application also has important contact information and keeps you connected with the status of your claim. You can also find Farmers preferred vendors and services, including auto repair facilities, and car rental service.
  • Document accident details

    - Collect and store accident photos, driver information and vehicle information, and then e-mail them to your agent or a claims representative.
  • Home inventory

    - Homeowners can photograph property damage, and then e-mail the photos to their agent or claim representative. There’s even a home inventory function that allows you to document your home and valuables.
  • Weather information

    - Stay up-to-date on the latest information for your area. Subscribe to weather alerts and major catastrophe information (including pandemic alerts). Alerts are based on the ZIP code you enter and made available in real time.

You can download Farmers iClaim application on your computer or mobile device.