Veterans' Resources

Recognized by the Department of Defense, our workplace feels like the hometown you always knew, with veteran supervisors and benefits, as well as a job that will still be here when you return from your reservist duties.

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Serving America at Farmers

To honor those who've served and to ease their transition into a civilian team, we created a network and support program called Serving America at Farmers. This is a community of veterans and current members of the National Guard and Reserve. You'll be welcomed by mentors at Farmers who know what it's like to transition. Farmers fosters an environment for this network so you can exchange stories and advice as you develop friendships across the country with others who are adjusting just as much as you.

Transferrable Skills

Meet veteran supervisors who will help you translate and adapt your skills to find the right fit in the Farmers family. In the nation’s service, you helped prevent and solve crises while restoring order. The insurance industry operates in a similar way, and the performance expectations and rewards are the same: the livelihood of families will still depend on your work contribution, while the areas and amounts of responsibility you accept depend on your performance.

Veteran Benefits

Farmers offers generous and comprehensive benefits for all U.S. veterans. We fully recognize, honor and enforce the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). If you’re a Reservist, you can enjoy the reassurance that when you return to civilian life, your job at Farmers will be waiting for you.

Veteran Talent Wanted

Patriot Award

Farmers was Honored with the Patriot Award by Department of Defense for extraordinary support of employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.