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When they have the supplies they need to succeed, it’s amazing what teachers and students can accomplish together. Through Thank America’s Teachers and Farmers Insurance, 180 teachers across the country will be awarded $2,500 grants for classroom-based materials this year.

Over the past few years, Farmers and Thank America’s Teachers donated over $1 million annually to fund programs that make technology more accessible to students, provide literacy materials to improve reading comprehension, and support training that prepares kids to become the future leaders of their communities and the nation. See past $2,500 grant winners opens in new window to get a better idea of proposals that have won.

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Submit Your Proposal by Following the Steps Below:

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  1. Make sure you’ve received a thank you opens in new window through Thank America’s Teachers. (Thank You Note can come from yourself, a family member, student, or any supporter.)
  2. Review the contest rules opens in new window and eligibility requirements if you have any questions about what you need to be considered for a grant.
  3. Fill out your proposal form below.
  4. Submit your proposal by clicking on the “Submit Your Proposal” button.
  5. Increase your chances of winning by reminding your family and friends to visit and vote for your proposal opens in new window every day during the voting period.

(Please note: To help spread the impact across the country, only five proposals can win from the same school district for each contest period.)

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