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The hidden camera videos on this page were filmed on August 26, 2019.

You can always use somebody who knows a thing or two.

On the links and in life, it always helps to have an experienced presence looking out for you. So Farmers® disguised PGA TOUR star Rickie Fowler as a veteran caddie to help unsuspecting golfers improve their game.

Farmers sat down with Rickie to learn a bit more about his experience on the PGA TOUR and what it felt like to go undercover as legendary caddie Richard Flower.


Farmers: You had some fun out there playing the role of an experienced caddie. What are some of the key things people might overlook in the role that caddies play for PGA TOUR players?

Rickie: First and foremost, we are teammates. He does a huge amount of preparation before every tournament and gives me really accurate information. He charts every shot I hit. He records the club, the distance to the hole, how far it was actually hit and where it ended up. We communicate effectively to keep me calm and confident. I wouldn’t be as good without my caddie.

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Go behind the beard

Check out how we disguised Rickie Fowler as veteran caddie Richard Flower and taught unsuspecting golfers a thing or two.

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During filming, you saw golfers get frustrated with poor shots. How do you handle that when you’re on the course and things may not be going as you planned?

I get frustrated too, which is okay. It’s natural to be upset with yourself, but I try to focus on the next shot. I try not to let it carry forward.

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See why you can always use somebody who knows a thing or two. 


What do you do to stay calm and collected during tense moments on the course?

I try to manage my pace, my walking and breathing. I try to relax and take in the crowd and talk to my caddie. Once [Joe and I] account for wind and yardage to the target I go through my routine. I try to relax and hit the shot. One shot doesn’t make or break a round or tournament. I just keep moving forward.


What did you think about your experience, going undercover and caddying for unsuspecting golfers?

Going in, I hoped it would be authentic. After looking at the footage I was happy with the finished product. It was fun to surprise people, make them laugh and bring a smile to their faces. It was especially cool when the beard and costume came off.

Whether he’s sinking a clutch putt at the majors or dishing out PGA TOUR-caliber insights while disguised as a caddie, Rickie relies on his experience to tackle whatever he encounters on the course.


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