Locating your Account Number & Online Access Code

Your Account Number and Online Access Code are located on your Commercial Billing Invoice as shown below.

Commercial Billing Invoice Sample:


Click here to view entire sample bill. The numbers listed below correlate to the numbers displayed on the sample bill.

1. Billing account number

Please include your billing account number on mailed payments.

2. What’s due and when

This box displays the amount due and the due date.

3.  Billing messages 

Billing related messages are included here.

4.  Online Access Code

This code allows you to enroll online to make payments at  www.farmers.com/payments/

5. How to reach us

If you have billing questions, your Farmers® agent’s contact information is located above, and here you can find a tollfree number to our billing department.

6.  Payment stub

If you choose to pay by check, please detach this slip and send it with your payment in the enclosed envelope. If you are on automatic payment, automatic payment information will be included here.

7.   Policy descriptions

Here is where you’ll see the policies on your account for which you are being billed.

8.  Explanation of premium

This section shows recent activity on your billing account, changes associated with your policies, and the current amount due.

9.   Installment schedule

If your billing account has two or less policies, this section will display the upcoming payment and due date information for each policy. For billing accounts with more than two policy, this information will display at the account level.

10.   How to pay

If you are not already on an automatic bill payment plan, this will list your available payment options. To avoid the hassle of buying stamps or remembering to make your payment, you may want to have your payment automatically drafted from your bank account – you can contact your Farmers® agent or visit www.farmers.com/payments/ to sign up.

If you have entered your Account number, Zip code and Online Access Code correctly, and you are still encountering errors, please contact Farmers® Commercial Billing at