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9 Qualities Recruiters Want to See in Every Single Candidate

“Show your grit by providing context for your achievements. For example, on a resume, instead of writing, 'Implemented project X three months ahead of schedule,' say, 'Implemented project X three months ahead of schedule during a 12 month hiring freeze and change in executive sponsorship.' This demonstrates that you not only delivered the project ahead of schedule, but also against a limitation of resources and during a time of change.”—Suzanne Elliott, head of human resources for Farmers Insurance in Los Angeles

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On Vacation? Tips to Keep Your House Safe, Secure

"Of course, that isn’t the only thing vacationing homeowners have to worry about. Did you know that 49 percent of all lightning insurance claims and more than one-third of claims filed for hail damage each year are made during summer months? That’s what Farmers Insurance says, anyway, and it suggests some things you can do to avoid unpleasant surprises on your return from that glorious week in the mountains or at the beach."

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Farmers Insurance to Offer Food Truck Policy in Illinois

"Farmers Insurance will launch an insurance plan for food truck owners in Illinois starting Sept. 1. The policy combines a business owner policy with commercial auto coverage. It allows food truck operators to get coverage for the truck alone or a truck linked with a brick-and-mortar restaurant."

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