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New Hire FAQs

Here are the answers to some of our
frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked New Hire Questions

  • General Questions

    1. What time and where do I report on my first day?
      • Your offer letter should contain the time and address, as well as who to report to.
    2. Who do I report to and will they be my supervisor/manager?
      • Your offer letter should state who you report to on your first day, however your immediate supervisor may differ depending upon department needs.
    3. What will my work hours be?
      • Standard working hours at Farmers are 8am - 5pm, however some employees work different or flexible hours. You will need to discuss your standard work schedule with your supervisor.
    4. Do I need to bring anything with me on my first day?
      • Bring IDs as needed in order to complete the I-9, and your banking information in order to setup direct deposit.
    5. What is the dress code at Farmers?
      • Farmers Dress Standards allow employees to take advantage of more relaxed clothing while still projecting a professional image. Employees can choose to dress in either business casual attire, casual, or traditional business attire. Our dress standards emphasize activity-appropriate attire, including jeans. Each business unit will dictate attire codes as appropriate for their activities. Generally speaking, employees in non-customer-facing activities can dress casually, while maintaining a professional appearance. Employees meeting directly with customers should maintain a business-casual or business appearance, depending on the audience.

        Your manager will review the dress standards for your business unit on your first day. To learn more about our dress standards, review our Dress Standards flyer.
    6. Is there an employee manual on the company intranet website?
      • The Farmers intranet website is called “Farmers Today”. All benefit and company policy information is available online in a system called GEMS (Group Employee Management System) that is available through Farmers Today. Your supervisor will provide you with more information concerning GEMS during your first week of employment.
    7. When do I get access to the company systems and how do I obtain IDs to log into these systems?
      • You will generally have access during your first week at Farmers and your supervisor will explain the various systems and provide you with your IDs.
    8. What company resources will I get (laptop, cell phone, car, etc.)?
      • Company equipment can vary depending upon the job. Your supervisor will provide you with the equipment you need to do your job.
    9. If my address or name changed prior to my start date, whom do I contact and what documents do I need?
      • Contact your recruiter to revise your new hire paperwork. Name changes must be supported by legal documentation with the new name.
  • Compensation/Pay Questions

    1. How and when do I get paid?
      • Farmers paydays are biweekly every other Friday. You may elect direct deposit of your pay or establish an Aline Card by ADP on or after your first day.
    2. When am I eligible for a salary increase/review?
      • The Performance Management process consists of a mid-year and year-end annual review; annual increases are dependent upon year-end performance ratings, and employees who are hired prior to October 1 are eligible for an increase the following April 1.
    3. Is there an opportunity for a bonus? If so, how does it work? What is it based on?
      • Our short term incentive plan (STIP) is an opportunity to earn additional money once a year based on company and individual performance. We also have spot bonuses and a Rewards and Recognition program.
  • Time Off Questions

    1. Is sick pay or short term disability pay available in addition to PTO? Is there long term disability?
      • Yes, both short and long term disability benefits are available at no cost to employees – they are entirely company paid. These benefits are available to new employees after 90 days of employment.
    2. How do I handle vacation plans made prior to applying with Farmers?
      • All requests for PTO must be approved by your supervisor.
    3. What are the company holidays?
      • We have 7.5 company holidays that we recognize and 1 floating holiday that you may use whenever you want. There is no waiting period for the floating holiday. The company holidays are:
        • New Year’s Day
        • Memorial Day
        • Independence Day
        • Labor Day
        • Thanksgiving Day and the Day After
        • Half day Christmas Eve
        • Christmas Day
  • Retirement Questions

    1. Does Farmers have a 401(k) match and how do I set it up?
      • Farmers matches your pre-tax 401(k) and Roth 401(k) contributions dollar for dollar up to the first 6% of your pre-tax eligible salary. Full and part time employees may setup a 401(k) account at any time by contacting Vanguard at (800) 523-1188 (Plan Number: 093492).
    2. Can I rollover my 401(k) from my previous employer?
      • Yes, you can roll over a distribution from a previous employer's qualified plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b) plan.  You have to roll over this amount within 60 days of receiving the distribution.
    3. Does Farmers also have a pension plan in addition to the 401(k)?
      • Yes, we also have a cash balance pension plan that is 100% Company funded. Note: Pension Plan accruals cease and accrued benefits are frozen on 12/31/2018. Effective 1/1/2019 the 401(k) Savings Plan will be enhanced with an additional 4% Company contribution, which is in addition to the 6% Company match.
  • Health Benefits/HSA/FSA Questions

    1. When do my health benefits start?
      • The first of the month following one month of employment unless hired on the first day of the month (then they are effective the first of the following month).
  • General Benefit Questions

    1. Can I find out how much will be deducted from my paycheck for benefits and other deductions prior to receiving my paycheck.
      • The New Hire Benefits Guide provides the benefit rate chart. It is also available when you enroll for benefits online and will calculate and display your pay period deductions. Tax and 401K deductions will be based on your individualized selections.
    2. If I don’t elect benefits at this time, can I elect them later? Can changes be made to the benefits I select?
      • Changes can be made to your benefits during Annual Enrollment which is held in the fall of each year, otherwise they can only be changed if there is a “Qualifying Life Change Event”, such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc.
    3. How long do I have to sign up for benefits as a new hire?
      • You will need to sign up for benefits within 30 days of your hire date.
    4. How do I sign up for benefits?
      • You will sign up for benefits online in a system called GEMS. Instructions are available on the Farmers Today intranet site and the New Hire Enrollment Guide.
    5. Are benefits offered for my domestic partner?
      • Yes, provided the domestic partner meets the requirements (contact the HR Service Center).
    6. Who do I call to talk to someone about a benefits question?
    7. Will I have the ability to sign up for life insurance?
      • Basic life insurance in the amount of 1x annual pay is available to qualified employees and paid for by the company. Employees may purchase additional supplemental life insurance for themselves, their spouse, or their children.
    8. What other types of benefits does Farmers offer?
      • Farmers offers several other benefits such as a credit union, employee discounts on computers, cell phones, rental cars, gym memberships, vacations, and more.