Car Electronics Claim Services Team

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When you have a theft or vandalism claim to vehicles involving audio-visual equipment, we have a unique team of claims representatives who will evaluate your loss on a fast, fair and friendly basis. Here’s how they become engaged and what they typically do:
  • Once we determine the loss pertains to theft or vandalism to insured vehicles involving audio-visual equipment, we assign your claim to one of our specialists.
  • Shortly after assignment, the specialist will reach out to make an initial contact during which they will:
    • Review your loss with you to identify what damages exist and what coverages are available.
    • Explain the process and answer all questions.
    • Coordinate with a third-party stereo equipment vendor for pricing on covered audio-visual equipment (equipment replacement is also available via this third-party vendor).
    • Go over repair options for the remaining damages to the vehicle.

The Mobile Electronics Team is just another example of our “best in class” customer service.