Farmers® Premier Whole Life Insurance

Looking for a life insurance¹ policy that can help you meet a variety of financial goals?

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What is Farmers Premier Whole Life Insurance?

Farmers Premier Whole Life combines level premiums and guaranteed cash values with our highest level of whole life protection for your loved ones.

The Farmers Premier Whole Life2 policy from Farmers New World Life Insurance Company offers the face amounts you want and consistent premiums that will not change for the life of the insured. Beyond that, it combines the cash value guarantees found in traditional whole life insurance policies with the option to add several riders3 (at the time the policy is issued) to customize the coverage to your needs.


  • Higher face amounts than our other whole life products for most financial needs
  • Guaranteed cash value accumulation that may be accessed generally income tax-free4
  • Level premiums guaranteed not to increase for as long as the policy is in force
  • Multi-line discounts5

How Premier Whole Life can help you

Flexible coverage for all ages

Since life insurance is usually least expensive when you’re young, young adults can purchase whole life insurance now so that it helps provide the insurance protection that they may need later in life.

Helping secure the future today

With higher face amounts than our Simple Whole Life6 policy, Premier Whole Life Insurance can be ideal for families who may want to tap the policy’s cash value7 to help make the down payment on a home, build funds for a child’s education, or help supplement retirement income.

Helping protect your small business

Small business owners or professionals may need a large amount of coverage to help protect their business from the loss of an owner or key employee.

Providing coverage for children and grandchildren

Juvenile life insurance accumulates cash value with each passing year, and may help your child or grandchild get a head start on their financial future.

Make the smart choice

A Farmers Premier Whole Life insurance policy can help you plan and prepare for your financial future by providing one of our highest levels of coverage. Whole life policies build cash value that the policy owner may use during the insured’s lifetime8 and premiums are level and guaranteed for the life of the policy.  Talk to a Farmers agent or get a quote now to see how Farmers Premier Whole Life insurance can benefit you throughout your lifetime.

2 Policy form 1995-112 or applicable state variation (Farmers Premier Endowment at age 100 - IN and PA).

3 Riders available at an additional charge.

For informational purposes only. In general, partial withdrawals from a permanent life insurance policy in excess of the policy’s basis are taxable, and limited circumstances exist where death proceeds will be taxable. Neither Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, its employees nor its Agents provide legal or tax advice. Always consult your own attorney, accountant or tax adviser as to the legal, financial or tax consequences and advice on any particular transaction.

Distributions from a life insurance policy in the character of partial surrenders (withdrawals) up to basis or policy loans will generally be income tax- free, provided the policy does not violate Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) guidelines and the policy is not terminated during the lifetime of the insured. MEC guidelines are rules in the Internal Revenue Code which specify maximum premiums that can be paid without triggering adverse tax consequences for withdrawals. A policy termination during the life of the insured can cause the owner a single taxable event for any gains in the policy that were borrowed or withdrawn on or before the termination date.

5 Discounts apply to selected coverages, perils and policy types only. Eligibility and actual percentage of discounts may vary.

6 Farmers EssentialLife® Simple Whole Life policy form 2008-352.

Policy loans and withdrawals will reduce cash surrender value and death benefit. Policy loans are subject to interest charges. If your policy is a modified endowment contract, loans and withdrawals may be subject to taxes and penalties.

8 Lifetime coverage is guaranteed provided premiums are paid per the terms of the contract.


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