Farmers® Simple Term Life Insurance

This is term life insurance the easy way. Simple, straightforward and affordable.

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Understanding Simple Term Life Insurance

Help protect your family financially with coverage that lasts as long as you want it.
Farmers Simple Term Life insurance1,2 can help provide the financial protection you’re looking for, in an easy-to-understand and convenient process with minimal paperwork.

Premiums stay the same during the initial 10-, 20-, or 30-year period listed in your policy,3 and our automated application process streamlines the steps, saving you time out of your busy day.

Simple Term Life from Farmers New World Life Insurance Company provides a cash payment to your beneficiaries if you die before the end of the policy term and your premiums are paid,4 helping provide reassurance for you and a plan for your family's financial security.

You can also save more with Farmers multi-line discounts5 on your homeowners, renters, and auto insurance by adding Farmers Simple Term Life.


  • $75,000 to $150,000 of coverage
  • Convertible to permanent life insurance coverage that may build cash value, regardless of health
  • No medical exams or lab tests required, however, issuance of a policy may depend on answers to questions set forth in the application

How Simple Term Life insurance can help:

Protect your family financially

Farmers Simple Term Life insurance proceeds can help protect your family from financial hardship when dealing with loss, and are generally income-tax free.6

Provide coverage for short-term obligations

Farmers Simple Term is intended to help cover obligations that end, such as mortgages, car loans, college tuition or replacing lost income.

Cover personal debt and final expenses

Even if you don’t have children, you should consider having enough life insurance to cover the costs of personal debts, medical bills and final expenses.

Simple Term Life Insurance FAQs

How long will it take – really?

The electronic application has straightforward questions and an electronic signature option that is easy to complete. Most underwriting decisions are made by the next business day – many even sooner.

What medical information do you need?
Farmers Simple Term has an innovative underwriting process that allows us to make an underwriting decision without a medical exam or lab tests, however additional information may be requested.

Contact a Farmers agent or get a Simple Term Life insurance quote to get started.

2 Policy form 2005-261 or applicable state variation. Available face amounts may vary.

3 Premiums are subject to change after the initial term period.

4 The death benefit is guaranteed according to the terms of the contract and provided that premiums are paid.

5 Contact your agent to see if you qualify for the discount. Discounts apply to selected coverages, perils and policy types. Eligibility and actual percentage of discounts may vary.

6 For informational purposes only. Neither Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, its employees nor its Agents provide legal or tax advice. Always consult your own attorney, accountant or tax adviser as to the legal, financial or tax consequences and advice on any particular transaction.

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