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Can you buy love?

February is here — the month that celebrates love and romance. February is also “Insure Your Love Month,” sponsored by Life Happens, a nonprofit life insurance organization dedicated to consumer education. It seems appropriate when you think about it: the motivation for buying life insurance is because you love someone, so what better time to explore your life insurance needs than February? Life insurance allows you to help protect the financial future for loved ones, and can help provide comfort during what can be a tough time for a family.

If you love someone, consider life insurance

It’s simple. If people you love depend on you for their comfort and financial security, life insurance may be among the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. Life insurance can help provide for your loved ones’ financial needs after you’re gone. Whether for their families, spouses or even essential business partners, people purchase life insurance to help those they care about have more secure financial futures. You can do this for those important to you as well.

While it can be an uncomfortable thought, you buy life insurance for those you love, not for yourself. It may be hard to picture a day when you might not be there to take care of your loved ones, but life insurance is designed to do just that: help take care of the ones you love in the event you no longer can. Life insurance proceeds provide money directly to your beneficiaries, to help your family pay bills, fund a child’s education, protect a spouse’s retirement or assist aging parents if you’re no longer able to care for them.

Get started now

Now is the time to start thinking about your life insurance needs and help protect the financial security of the ones you love. Contact me today to discuss your options regarding life insurance and how it can help you and your family. We’ll work together to help you determine how much and what kind of insurance may be appropriate for you and your loved ones.

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