5 Insane Hobbies That Life Companies Can Insure

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We all have our weird little quirks and hidden interests. For some it’s cooking, stamp collecting, or knitting scarves for cats. But for the thrill-seekers amongst us, it could be scaling the face of some red sandstone in Moab, Utah, or carving waves in Malibu. After all, one person’s hobby is another’s death wish.

For you adventurous types though, there’s good news. Because even if you knowingly throw yourselves headfirst into danger, your Life insurance might still cover your nutty endeavors!

With a few notable exceptions, if you're willing to pay for it and display a level of mature responsibility, you can get covered for all kinds of intensely terrifying interests, like:

1. Hang gliding

It may add to your Life insurance premium, but getting covered for converting yourself into a human flying squirrel is possible. If it’s what you love to do, with proper certification and experience you can cover your winged self.

2. Hot air ballooning

Most hot air ballooning accidents are minor…high winds usually veering the pilot off course. There are occasional “worst-case scenarios” but many insurers are willing to cover the avid hot air balloon captain who has experience and a pilot's license.

3. Motorcycle sports

Insurers know there are responsible riders out there. But whether you ride to get to work or race round the track on the weekends, expect to pay an extra premium. Just make sure you take all necessary precautions. For instance, helmets are not an optional piece of equipment and being licensed is a must.

4. Rock climbing

Rock climbing as a blanket term is hard to cover. If you’re freestyle climbing in high altitudes without a harness and without a buddy, the odds aren’t in your favor. But there are ways to climb your way into a Life policy if you're using the right equipment and displaying proper caution.

5. Scuba diving

You take on a ton of risks when you lean back off the boat and into the cold depths. And all of them make scuba diving one of the most risky activities to insure. But with lessons, reliable guidance, and (in a perfect world) certification, many policies will allow you to swim with the fishes while staying insured.

The name of the game is safety, precaution, experience, and honesty. Whatever your off-kilter hobby, make sure to get certified or licensed, wear all the safety gear possible, and tell your insurance company everything. If you do it right, your life insurance company may be willing to back up your ambitious escapades, and take on the risk. After all, according to the National Safety Council, more people get injured playing pool each year than climbing mountains.

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