Don't DIY Life Insurance

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The internet age has made us all into DIY-ers. We can do just about everything ourselves and online, from shopping and working, to dating and watching TV. And we can do it all without ever having to actually speak to someone in person.

It Truly is a Brave New World

But still, in this digital era we live in, there's plenty of room (and need) for relying on "real people." Because even with the entire wealth of human knowledge at our finger tips (and in our pockets), there’s a lot we don’t know. That’s especially true when it comes to our finances, and protecting our loved ones.

Experience Means Credibility

Taking the time to talk to a life insurance agent about life insurance options and policies might be more interesting than you think.

This is one area of life where it may be helpful to consider the valuable information an experienced professional can provide, and not just DIY.

After all, accidents happen. Think about the fallout if you were to pass away. What would happen to your debts? Who would pay for your final expenses? It could be a financial hardship if one of your parents co-signed on a mortgage or a car loan, or someone else counts on part of your income. Life insurance, on the other hand, can help ease that transition and limit the potential burden.

Think you're covered at work? An employer's policy may not be transferable. If you change jobs, take a sabbatical, or go back to school, you might lose your policy and not be covered.

Now, do you really want all of that to hinge on some online quote, price comparison, or description on Wikipedia? Wouldn't you rather allow a professional with experience help you find the best way to help protect what is important to you?

Have Someone on Your Side

Time remains a precious commodity and the role of the Life insurance agent cannot be underestimated. Life insurance agents can serve as a time-saving facilitator and educator, and can explain the specifics better than any web search could.

An experienced Life insurance agent can quickly can get to know your specific needs, understand exactly what you’re looking for, and help you find a cost effective solution that may be more accurate than you would get with an automated online quote system. In fact, if you get Life insurance when you're young and healthy, you generally get a better rate than you would if you wait till you're older. Also, agents have many sophisticated tools today to make the process quick and simple.

You may not think you're ready to plan that far ahead, but it's worth hearing what a real live (and experienced) human being has to say about your financial future. Consider putting aside your DIY instincts, reservations, and preconceptions. Introduce yourself to a Farmers Life insurance agent, and get yourself one of those old-fashioned personal relationships. You might be surprised to discover how much there still is to learn.

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