Apartment Dwellers Insurance Gaps

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Like any home, you fill your rented place with all kinds of stuff, from furniture and appliances, to photos and outfits. You spend your time and money making it your own and making it comfortable…but did you make sure it’s covered?

Many renters think their landlord’s insurance covers their stuff if there was a break in, a little water damage, or a fire…but that’s not the case. Landlord insurance only covers the property and the landlord’s interests. Your personal property is your responsibility, and without proper coverage you could be left with the bill replacing things after a loss.

So what?

Homeowners across the country buy Homeowners insurance to cover their personal property from damage, theft, and all kinds of losses. As a renter, you might not think you own as much as they do, but does that make your stuff any less valuable or less important to you? What if the pilot light on your stove malfunctioned and started a fire while you were at work, destroying your TV, your furniture, your clothes…everything. Do you have enough saved up to replace it all?

That’s a major coverage gap!

Question: As a renter, how do you cover your personal property from loss?

Answer: Renters insurance

There are great reasons to get Renters insurance…mostly because it does so much for so little money (between $15 and $30 a month)!

Designed just for renters, it covers your personal property in the event of a covered loss (up to your coverage limit). Renters Insurance can also cover your personal property even if it’s not in your apartment. For instance, if you left your laptop in your car overnight and it was stolen, it’d still be covered (something your Auto insurance probably can’t do).

To get a better idea of the limits you’d want, take a home inventory and see how much stuff you really have. If you have any expensive valuables, collectibles, or unique items, don’t leave those out!

Then talk to a Farmers agent or get a Renters insurance quote today, and see how a Renters policy could fill gaps in your coverage.


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