3 Reasons Why You Need Pet Insurance

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If you’re a pet owner, you probably love your pets like family, and treat them just as well (maybe even better!). In fact, according to a recent study*, six out of ten pet owners (63.2 percent) consider their pets to be family members. 

If you’re like most responsible head of households, you see the value in providing health insurance for your loved ones, so doesn’t it make sense to be equally prepared for your furry companions?

Many pet owners, though, make the mistake of thinking they’ll never need coverage for their pets, until it’s too late. But here’s why pet insurance is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury:

1. Pets get sick, too

Contrary to the common myth, cats don’t actually have nine lives—and neither do their canine counterparts. Our pets require frequent vet check-ups, and may even suffer from chronic illnesses or potentially devastating medical conditions that require immediate diagnosis and treatment.

As much as we'd like to think otherwise, pets aren’t superhuman. They’re not immune to sickness like allergies, diabetes, or cancer. And they’re just as accident prone as us humans, sometimes suffering from broken bones, lacerations, and injuries. In emergency situations, and with chronic vet visits, pet insurance can help you pay large and unexpected medical bills.

2. Rising animal care costs

Thanks to modern medicine, new drugs and advanced medical technologies are helping our furry friends survive and recover from once fatal conditions.

However, these developments in treatment quite literally come with a price. And, the cost of extensive or emergency veterinary treatment can cripple a typical household income.

While the average vet bill costs only a few hundred dollars, in the case of a critical illness or medical emergency, expenses add up quickly—and can run into the thousands (especially when extensive testing, surgeries, and medications are involved).

3. A financial safety net

Even if your furry family member remains healthy and accident-free throughout its lifetime, the peace of mind knowing pet insurance is there to help with the expenses can be worth every penny.

Purchasing pet insurance is a worthy option to consider for pet-owners who don’t always set aside money in their budget each month for out-of-pocket expenses related to pet illnesses or emergencies. Pet insurance can help a catastrophic illness or medical trauma from becoming financially devastating. Get an instant pet insurance quote online, to get started and find the plan that’s right for you.


*U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook (2012)

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