Benefits of a Farmers Friendly Review®

There are numerous benefits to having a Farmers agent — one of the most important can be the Farmers Friendly Review (FFR). A Farmers Friendly Review includes quality review and customer service regarding insurance and coverage options. Take Chris, a married man with 2 children. Chris has his auto and home policies with Farmers.  He wants to keep his family and assets protected now and in the future. Chris felt his current coverage was adequate for his situation when he first bought the insurance but wanted to be sure it was still adequate for his family situation. He received an email from his Farmers agent prior to his one-year anniversary as a Farmers customer and he contacted him to discuss his insurance program. “I accepted my agent’s offer of the Farmers Friendly Review, which was easy and convenient to do.”

Chris scheduled his review with Farmers agent Michael Lambert. Michael analyzed the situation and identified some potential gaps that had developed because of changes to Chris’ household. Michael identified some options that would be beneficial to Chris. “My agent reviewed my coverage selections and explained some reasons he felt would make sense to increase my levels of coverage,” said Chris. It was an easy decision, as the cost was minimal given the improved protection it provided. “Since the additional cost was very low to increase coverage, I did so. I feel more comfortable about my coverage knowing my assets are better protected.”

When should you schedule your Farmers Friendly Review?

We recommend scheduling an FFR at least once a year, or whenever a change in your life occurs as this can result in big changes in your insurance needs. A change in marital status, the birth of a child or the purchase of a home are just a few examples of life events that may create overlaps or gaps in your coverage.

Why you should schedule your Farmers Friendly Review today

There are several ways to benefit from scheduling an FFR with your Farmers agent. In addition to keeping up-to-date on the amount of coverage needed and possible ways to save money on your insurance, as a Farmers policyholder, you can be the first to enjoy new benefits such as discounts for alternative-fuel vehicles, pet insurance through Pets Best and experience the Farmers Car Shopping Service through TRUECar.  You can even apply for a Farmers Rewards Visa credit card through your Farmers agent.

Still feel you can’t gain from a Farmers Friendly Review? Even if you feel content with your coverage, you never know what the future holds. A review with your Farmers agent can help identify options to fit your household budget.. Schedule your Farmers Friendly Review today so you can realize the benefits of a full policy review with your agent.