Business Resumption Plan

Farmers Financial Solutions (FFS) maintains a Business Resumption Plan (BRP) should FFS operations become impacted by an unexpected disaster or other disruption. The BRP was developed to help FFS continue or resume priority business processing and to restore full business operations within established time frames, with minimal financial hardship and service interruptions to our Insurance and Financial Services Agents and their customers.

The FFS BRP serves two primary purposes: 

It serves as a reference guide during the first 48 hours following a disaster providing alternate business sites, and contact information for key personnel.

The BRP is a written plan which FFS will utilize to recover its operations in the shortest time possible.

This plan recognizes that there may be a number of potential events that may cause such business interruptions including natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes and floods as well as other causes such as acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, pandemic outbreaks and computer viruses that could impact the physical and e-business functionality of FFS.

FFS does not hold any customer funds or securities and conducts all business via applications sent directly to the fund companies and insurance carriers. All accounts are maintained directly at each mutual fund sponsor or insurance carrier. Such companies are also required to establish their own business resumption plans. Should you require access to your investments or policies, please contact the fund company or insurance carrier directly using the contact number included on your statements or at the respective website. You may also contact your local Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agent.

For more information on the FFS BRP, please contact FFS at 866-888-9739.

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