Commercial Property

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As an apartment building owner or member of a homeowners association, you face many possible risks, including damage to your building and liability claims made by tenants, unit owners or guests who have been injured or whose property has been damaged. Even if it’s determined that you bear no liability for the claimant’s injuries, Premises Medical coverage may still apply and would reimburse reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

Depending on the coverages you’ve selected, your policy package may address
these exposures. If you aren’t certain about what coverages you have, contact your

Once you report a claim, a claims professional will contact you and guide
you through the claims process. For some claims, you’ll need to provide certain
documents, such as a lease agreement, management agreement and/or CC&Rs.
The claims professional may also need recorded statements from you and your
property manager. An onsite inspection of the premises may be necessary, and your claims professional may need to meet with you or your representatives.

The claims professional will keep you up to date on the claim’s progress. Once the
claim has been resolved, you’ll also receive written confirmation.