Catastrophe Center

As an industry leader in catastrophe response, we’re there to handle what Mother Nature throws our way, thanks to our Mobile Claims Center buses and our fleet of Customer Care Vehicles.

Farmers® Catastrophe Response Team is Here to Help You

Catastrophe Alert

We are currently assisting customers affected by severe weather and other catastrophes.

Find out how Farmers is responding or follow the Mobile Claims Center @FarmersResponse.

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Our Mobile Claims Fleet

From tornados in Missouri to hailstorms in Texas, from hurricanes in Alabama to wildfires in California, the Farmers Mobile Claims fleet continues to provide immediate claims service to customers, and also water, food, telephones, blankets, toys and helpful services to customers and non-customers alike.

In addition, our catastrophe claims specialists are trained at the University of Farmers®. Our claims teams are equipped with the latest technology to serve our customers efficiently and immediately.

When you see the Farmers team, you know help is on the way.

Mobile Claims Center Bus
Our Mobile Claims Center Bus

The Mobile Claims Center Bus

If a major catastrophe strikes in the US, Farmers' Mobile Claims Center busses and claims representatives will be on the scene to help you get your world back in order.

Our claims teams are equipped with the latest technology to help serve our customers efficiently and immediately.  

From the Mobile Claims Center, we can:

  • Get you immediate claims services
  • Print checks to help you pay for temporary hotel housing
  • Help you call or go online to connect with loved ones
  • Provide hot meals for victims, evacuees, and emergency responders
  • Hand out supplies, toothbrushes, bottled water, blankets, and toys
  • Even help families find their lost pets!

To get access to these services after a catastrophe, just approach any of our friendly and trained Claims professionals, Customer Care Vehicles, or Mobile Claims Center busses. Our mobile staff will get you the supplies and information you need, get your claim started, and connect you with friends and family.

Find the location of the Mobile Claims Center busses on twitter @FarmersResponse.


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