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Here are some examples of previous internships at Farmers.

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Sample Internship Job Descriptions

Communications Intern

The successful candidate must have excellent communications skills, and some experience in web design will be crucial. Not the technical skills of assembling a site but rather the functional, user-interface of a site and the cosmetic design. Also, working knowledge of the capabilities of social media, especially in the business setting, would be preferred but not required.

Information Technology Analytics Intern

Review the error logs and analyze the data to determine patterns, dependencies with other events (such as release implementations), identify potential focus areas that may improve application quality. Review the incoming agent Help Desk tickets and identify opportunities for IT changes that will reduce the incoming call volume.  This position also will require good statistical and analytical skills, but in addition will also help if the candidate has some IT background. Statistical methods such as regression analysis, correlation analysis, dependent and independent variables, deterministic methods and other techniques will be a plus.  

Human Resources Reporting Internship

Help build additional reports for the HR library. Assist in analyzing and trending data for reports. Create and run non-confidential HR reports. Pursuit of a Business Degree with emphasis on actuary or analytics. Strong written and verbal communications. Computer/Technical Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Access.

Finance Intern

Re-evaluate the Key Performance Indicators in the ICE Application - redundancy, usability, and applicability. Key Business process in Field Accounting - understand the controls and balancing procedure. Identify differences between Farmers processes and "Standard" processes such as 1099 filings. This will require analytical skills, fairly good knowledge of Office tools such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint and good communication skills.

Marketing Intern

The Marketing Department helps generate consistent, profitable growth by proactively developing and implementing industry-leading plans for established and new products. The intern will have completed at least the first year of a marketing-focused program, marketing experience outside of the classroom is preferred. This coursework should include Marketing, Journalism, Communications, Advertising, data mining, predictive modeling or advanced statistics preferred. A working knowledge of SAS, SPSS or another statistical software package for effective measurement of ROI.  Excellent written and oral communication skills will also be necessary as we present our ideas to cross-functional teams.

Actuarial Intern

The intern will work on a team to analyze statistical data, such as mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates and construct probability tables to forecast risk and liability for payment of future benefits. This provides the opportunity to use advanced analytical approaches, including applied econometrics and alternate classification techniques. Typically, the team will base its analysis on the demand the business may create, the price required to deliver a reasonable rate of return, and the potential effect of claims on the company's profitability. Armed with this data, our actuaries advise top management on ways to balance the anticipated with the unexpected.

Claims Intern

The Claims intern will work with claims professionals from different lines of business, marketing specialists and agents, and get a behind the scenes look at our operation, including our Customer Service Centers, training program, leadership development program and so much more!